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My name is Jason Stoughton and I am the founder of The Foghorn Group. I first became involved, and fell in love with, Artificial Intelligence in my late 20’s when I held the first of several executive roles for venture backed AI start-up's providing cutting edge AI solutions to enterprise customers. It was true then, and is true now, that nothing offers as much potential, and yet is harder to get right, than building and deploying Artificial Intelligence. This is why I provide thought leadership and executive engagement through my podcasts, writing, speaking, executive councils and substantive executive engagements.


I love speaking with the smartest people in the world. To this end I have interviewed hundreds of the world’s leading AI experts, thought leaders, start-up founders and C-suite executives to gain and share their insights into what is possible and what it takes to successfully build an AI start-up, deploy and leverage data and AI in the enterprise, build effective AI teams, re-imagine business processes based on data and AI and re-imagine the customer journey and the future of work. 


In a nutshell, I help you successfully navigate the AI landscape by connecting the dots between knowledge, companies and people.

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