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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

In 2011 Stoughton began asking business leaders in my network a simple question which was: "I believe that Artificial Intelligence is going to rapidly change everything....are you/we/all of us ready?". He was met with mostly blank stares because in 2010/11 AI was not on any CXO's radar. He then began asking this question of leaders in public policy, education, healthcare, finance and more. Again, blank stares.


Asking this simple question opened up opportunities for interesting conversations which led to more questions which led to more conversations. And out of these conversations he was encouraged to write a book, which he did, and released in early 2014 titled The Way of the Navigator: Surviving this Age of Disruption and Complexity. 

Since then he has provided thought leadership and advocated for AI through writing, speaking engagements, helping companies tell their stories and hosting the popular AI podcast The Pulse of AI.

Speaker Series

I work with companies, large and small, that are leaders in the AI space to create engaging speaker series with their executives and customers to delve into what is possible with AI and other emerging technologies. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, the journey to AI, digital transformation, AI start-ups, centering the enterprise around data and AI, emerging business models, change management, the future of work and workforce transformation.

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